The Performer

The Performer

Audre Lorde

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

‘Formidable, sweet Love’

You held me that night
So tight but right
And for one moment I just lost it
Just lost it (echo)

Kissing on the stairs
Helpless breathing of one
Taken away by love
Stolen love…
Secret Love

How could this feeling be so right in my eyes
While I know
I know (echo)
I have desired you ever since?
The imagined words in me came out through the passion in every breath I took
A feeling that none of the strings inside could take away
The world would finally pave way to embrace you….
For me to embrace you….but in my heart I wish I could go on doing that
For the rest of my living life
Living Life?

The beat
The beat that strum your heart in place
The heat that engulfed the two of us
The bond that glued our union
The love that begins to grow
The tenderness I have never felt
The eagerness to flip to the next page
Because she's here with me
And I know she feels every minute of every letter of my poem to her
(She feels it)
But she just wants to keep it in….
In…while I see it in her eyes
Every time….

How does it feel near her?
Oops! Like forever
Like a world that ain't coming to an end
Like a lane that has no finish line
Like a song whose singer goes on and on and on and …………
Like a love that's there to stay
Like Rock…… rocks the boats
Like YOU… colored all the days I've been with you
You blew me off, with everything about you!

Can I see you again?
Can I get the pleasure of walking by your side?
Can I sing a lovely song for you?
Can I……Can I… I make you mine?


Friday, May 28, 2010

My Portion!

A heart's missed
A breath swiftly beating to a rhythm
Hungry and sheepishly thirsty
While my body constantly craves
Your stare and care…
Your tempting touch and dare
For you I'll willingly bear
The moments I've lovingly glared at
Felt, seen, held so close and dear

It's not the same without you…
I cannot wait to fall back in those arms
I cannot fight but…
Wait for you to take this love
That belongs to you!



You have said all you had to
You rang all the bells you wanted to
You have made your surprises inevitable
What's more?
You have made it entirely difficult for me to fight this battle
Vulnerable at the hands of evil that I can no longer avoid
Devoid of the situations and challenges that face me

I prefer to act a fool
To continue drinking from the same cuppa’ coffee
I prefer to be the fool, the slut you made me to be
I prefer to just watch you make a bitch outta’ me
I prefer to let you up your game
I prefer to swim to the shore…
Alone…unaccompanied…in my solitary little cabin
Which has no space for an extra person but me!

You used, abused, accused, mused
Gossiped, spied…..what else haven't you been up to?
All this time I lie and wait
In silence, laying my hopes high, hoping that this eye sees some light
Waiting, wishing…caging in on the little bird that was once my food!
This pain is excruciating…but you won't rest till I am dead and done…
You want to finish me up, by inflicting more pain than I have caused

I am glad my blog still runs…through
To help me deal with the pain of loving….
The gain of aching…the shit ain't bringing anything!
But unexpected calls from quarters I'd not disclose

Of hearts that engage and barricade the lonely heart
That seeks redemption…that expresses itself
That trusts even when it becomes hard to
That bleeds from the words you have shared, written, said, thought
That will always love you
That continues to ignore those silly little things you
Conclude or made to make up about me
That one you have always loved
That one that is losing trust in you
That you view as your perfect little punching bag!

I put my heart to rest
I put my hand to test
I relax and do my break
Finally…I welcome solitude
Finally…I saw this coming sooner than I expected
Finally…gladly, I remain the same ol’ K8


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Songea karibu mpenzi
Niyaangalie macho yako
Yametametayo gizani
Yaliyojawa na mapenzi tele...

Niishike ngozi ya uso wako
Inayofanya moyo wako udunde
Kila mkono wangu ukiikaribia
Na kuzifanya sehemu zangu
Kububujika kwa furaha!

Nikupe busu lisilosahaulika
Kila unifikiriapo
Niliguze titi lako
Liletalo raha kamili
Na kuchangamsha roho kwa udhabiti...

Niyarudie maneno
"Nakupenda mpenzi"
Kumbusho muhimu kwako
Nakuhitaji sana maishani
Basi tuhifadhi penzi hili milele!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Penzi la Roho.

Roho spesheli
Hutoka mwanzo
Kama mchoro wa msanii
Uliotengwa binafsi...

Iliyoumbwa kwa sababu muhimu
Kama kicheko cha mtoto mchanga
Ambacho hustahimili kwa muda...

Moyo wako
Kama katiba inayotumika
Unauliwaza moyo wangu
Hata ukiwa mbali nami...


Thank you for honesty, that never fades
Your strength that comes with such depth
Thank you for the smiles and hugs...always timely
That my heart continues to seek.

Keen, trusting, kind, always loyal
Top coated in the image of one's desires
Sweet, generous, my all-time cloud
You rest assured, I'mma be here for you!

Truthful...special, delicate yet humble
My eyes lust for you in sight
The hope that love may one day find...
Conquer and sail us safely home!

Hello Love...

Hey beautiful
You look gorgeous tonight
Am home in your arms
Your eyes sparkle
Every moment you look into mine

Hello My love
I thought you ain't busy this afternoon
Wanted us to take a long walk
Then swim our love to heaven...
Hopefully take a nap thereafter

Hi honey
The best gift God gave me was you
Always wanna' sleep and wake beside you
Always love to hold you through the night
Through tough and them good times
Through tears and joy

Heyloo Baby
Even when we shout at each other
When we sulk
When we argue
Throw tantrums.....
We're only human
This won't make me
Love you any less....

Hae lovely,
Every drop of blood in me
Is engraved in your name
And one simple message:

"Love of my Life."


Friday, May 14, 2010

I want...

I have been sitting here
Listening to me
Listening to what my heart wants
Listening to the light whisper good evening to the dark
Listening to a heartbeat that responds to every thought of you

I'm still here
And all this time
I wanted to write something beautiful
A gift for you tonight

And I cannot keep my tears away
Because writing about Love, writing about YOU...
Is just a tender piece of me

I want to tell you that I love you
Because I mean it
The flowers will always come
And when they don't my Love
I will still be here
I want to date you...but it does not matter
I already am in love with you

I want to tell you that you are beautiful Both in the inside and out
I haven't met one that possesses both beauties

I want to sit and support your behind
Give you a good shoulder and back rub
Make you feel alright
And as always you'll
Respond to my touch and make me shudder
Remind me of our private moments together

I want to cook one romantic dinner, just for you...
And feed you after that
To toast to a glass of water, not wine

I want to make time for you
Because it is most valuable to me
The wonderful times to eternal sleep, I will take with me

I want us to do what we love most
What we share much in common
What brought us together

I want to encourage you to reach for your stars Honey!
Help you in any way I can to go for it
Because what is merry for you is merrier for me

I want to listen to you
Not just with my ears but with my heart too!
I want to follow each word I say with appropriate action
I want to give you space when you need it...
I want to talk to you as often as possible

Above all else...
This comes to say that I still want you!
As bad as I always have

This comes to say
That your love is here to stay!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My No.1 fans!!

Hey there!

Wow! T's been a while since I posted some of my poetry up here. The month's been certainly hectic for me but that does not in any way mean that I have stopped doing what I always excel in: POETRY...! La Hasha...

The writing goes on and I will be putting up more of them within the course of the month.

Thank you for being a wonderful audience to my stuff and sending me your comments and suggestions and expressing your views on each poem that in one way or another, relates to what you are going through in life. I am glad I touched someone somewhere by jolting down a few sober words in this very house where I store my treasure. Thank you once more!

To those who will continue hating and despising any of my efforts, I will remind you that "K8 is never going to be sorry, she will go on doing her thing and working for the common good of the Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community she works so passionately for, relentlessly and without fear."

This is also to let you know that I have just completed compiling material (poems) for my first poetry book, whose title will be released at a later date and design is currently in progress. I intend to launch this possibly before August, 2010 and you'll definitely be invited. Some may be lucky enough to get away with complimentary copies when time comes. Will keep you updated on this!

I wish you all a splendid day full of blessings and take care...