The Performer

The Performer

Audre Lorde

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today's K8's Birthday...!


It's my birthday today. I have received so many birthday wishes and the excitement bubbling within me is taking me to levels I have never been to in such a long time! Thank you once again for those...

I have also amongst other things received a gift of two books by Maya Angelou (one of my past time favorites) and those that I have been trying to acquire without success for a while now. I got this from a very special someone in my life and I want to say “THANK YOU”.

Books are a treasure to me because the information contained remains long after the cakes and candies are all eaten could never be erased! So is my memory of you!

Books are memories that I hold close to my heart…Books are special gifts and not just books!

I wrote the poem below sometime last month, after taking some time alone one weekend. I was basically thinking about the person that I am, the weaknesses and strengths I possess that make me a ‘unique’ being on earth.

I realized that in as much as I'm human…there are those things about us that will never change. They could either be good or bad, they may be so annoying that one would easily fall sick.

I chose to focus on my few good traits I know about me and this is what I came up with. I had preserved this to post it to you, my ardent reader, on my blog to become part of a piece that was patched up on this special day! I hope you enjoy while you're at it!

I love you all and take care!



I was born in July
I am a Julian in my special kind of way
I bubble with enthusiasm, about anything and everything
I giggle and play and shout and sing…
The July an way!

I am of a friendly nature
With strangers, enemies and all
With a smile always on my lips
Speak politely…maintain worthwhile friends
Go that extra mile and be there for all time!

Quiet… restrained…makes meaningful noise, only when necessary
The Big Sister who's keeping watch over you!
Free but holds back one in a while
The “you never know” feeling shrouds my thinking…
Reminds to listen before I speak
But not always once in a while!

A deep thinker
A soul that always searches for clues…answers to issues
Solutions? Of course I acquire them through thinking
Keeping “mum”…by my elbow
Staring into space now….thoughtful K8

Good sense of humor
When time is ripe…exact and precise
On the line of laughter
Expression's the brain activated
Silence…eventual death of a sojourner

Loving and caring
Towards dear and near ones
Always lending a helping hand…whenever I can
An ear to always listen
A shoulder, to always lean
A heart, that's more than willing to share

A sharp mind
That responds to situations fast…unrelentingly intelligent
Always ready and willing for correction….she knows she ain't “perfect’
Though at times also makes rash decisions
A willing brain…an energy driven mind
A worthy piece of art…sketched by her Maker!

To the feelings of others before her own
A keen ear…a responsive heart
Always selfless in reaching out
Always contented in helping others
Always touch people in special ways!

Fun person
Out there…carefree spirit…a body at ease
Though careful of those that surround her, for her own security
Laughs loudest…chats earnestly, cheers joyfully
Maintains a jovial mood, has fun in her own little ways
Even if they involve being locked up in her tiny little room, jumping up and down
Like a pig that is fed on prawns.

Forgiving nature
Does not keep grudges…
Gossip is nowhere near her vicinity…
She knows whoever tells her about others will also tell others about her
Always wary about every word she utters
Careful but too honest with what hurts
That's your July Ian girl!

Unpredictable at times
Very difficult to understand…at times too complicated to even know what she's thinking
At one point very open, at another totally discreet and private
Even with those that know her only too well
Different bell rings, different reactions, some unexpected
But precisely set…
You're sure you know her, until she takes you on this one…head on!

Stylish dresser
Keeps her colors in check
And her jewelery in set
Once in a while…even surprise herself
But not stylish every day…others could be more homey and others totally blazing
Rarely style crazy…but also comes as an accompaniment anyway

Peace lover
Brings people together, unites them in communication, in resolving their issues
Encourages….instills love – even in entirely challenging situations
“It starts with me,” she says, and sets that pace

Spiritual at times
Her ‘mama’s’ Bible always within reach
Her silent whispers to the Almighty always updated
Her memory of Sunday school by her chin
A word of hope so closely held

Dedicated and hard working
‘She’ faithful servant of the people
Gives more time for work than anything
Tires but puts it aside ‘to beat deadlines
An adequate reporter…a committed soul to the matters of those she serves
Avoids conflicts whenever they are suspect to arise
The one and one…

K8y July ‘ian!

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