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The Performer

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I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interesting Legal Friday!

Hello, glad am back! 

My afternoon at work yesterday began with a message I received from a lady (names withheld) from Eldoret. She was married and had two kids. Within about two years of marriage, the husband discovered that his wife was a lesbian (don't ask me whether he had a stethoscope to determine that)! He could not take it so he took off, stayed a while then appeared in the name of coming to take care of the kids….of course because he was not sure that his 'lesbian' wife would (how scathing)! Within few weeks after coming back, he took their kids one day and just disappeared!

The lady came back home to find that neither the husband nor the kids were home. She tried contacting the husband in vain. He finally managed to call much later and told her that the hearing of the case to decide which parent would be the custodian was on the 13th of October this year. He reminded that to ensure that he became the legal custodian of their children, he would cite the fact that she was gay in court.

She was requesting for assistance in getting re-united with her children who she loved dearly. It is then that I embarked in consultation with my boss and discussing with colleagues on the way forward.

I was genuinely touched by this anonymous woman of courage who had finally decided to speak up…How many more women are trapped in these cocoons and can never get out leave alone mention it to anyone?

I called her immediately to find out how she was coping and we talked for while. I sent a text to check up on her several hours later (the mother that I always am). She immediately called to inform me that she would prefer being called to sending sms’s since the ex husband was having them tracked! (What kind of an animal behaved like this?) Why had he instilled so much terror in this young woman that she cannot even talk freely? Zile hasira za kiMeru zikanijia, but what to do? I tried to relax. 

This issue comes up barely a week after discussing issues on child custody by gay parents last Saturday at the KHRC grounds! One of the lawyers mentioned that all we needed was at least one case scenario to set precedence on how this matter could possibly be handled. With a very intelligent lawyer, we can win this case I believe.

I am glad to now inform you my dear  reader that the issue is being taken up by our learned colleagues at the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) who are doing their best to ensure that our Lady gets represented at the hearing next week!

Have an artistic weekend and take care.
Love K8 


  1. Ends like a Cinderella fairy tale. Sob. Sob. I wish her all the best!

  2. Hello K8ty!

    ........(The mother that i always am)....Well k8 all i can say is that she is very well taken care of!as they always say COME TO MAMA!
    Nothing like mamas love in this world.I should come up with my storo to get some of that.
    Am loving ur new blogg k8ty,if it were a house i would probably be saying....i moved in Mum!
    bye love

  3. Hi Mbuzi,
    What a name? Anyway thanks for the comments. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart! Ha ha ha ha. Thanks for loving my blog, please get in but remember to knock LOL!
    Take care and thanks again.

    Sorry i should have knocked but its just in me that i like to misbehave.
    thanks K8ty.