The Performer

The Performer

Audre Lorde

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.


Friday, March 18, 2011

...and the WINNER is ...

Dont you love the way
Our frenemies make our lives their business?
Our relationship status, what we do, where we hang out and who we hang out with never escapes their fiery tongues
They always make time to talk ill of us whenever we are around them!
The way they keep talking about their love lives, their next door neighbour, the pretty girl who sells at the kiosk next door, the snoopy watchman blah..blah..blah they go on
Hoping they could gain our trust and get to tell them more about us.
How else will the 'after work' get together in the club work if they have nothing to say about us?

I love the way
They criticise what we wear, how we style our hair, who hits on us
One would think that they are our creators!
The one who makes our lives TICK!

All this time
We are out there
Being ourselves, walking proud and accomplishing
Whatever it is that we are supposed to

I love the way
They always run to us for help in times of need
But when it's our turn, they are nowhere to be found

The way they seek comfort in times of distress
But leave and make up stories about how boring our lives are! LOL!
I love the way they spend what they don't have...
I love the way they lose themselves in the name of 'having fun' and lose everything that matters to them

I love the way they have hearts for themselves and none for others
It pretty much shows how much they hate the people they are and pretend to love those around them!

I love their BIG mouths LOL!
It makes moments happen...but poor things!
They live sad lives, covered up in alcohol and drugs and unprotected sex

Unlike you,
We spend my time
Conversing on important issues that affect us!
Checking up on people and meeting new ones who obviously will like us
To your utter disgust! LOL!
We spend our evenings jogging, writing, partying responsibly, making music, chasing demons...and after that unwinding and enjoying each lovely melody that surrounds every part of us.
Not fighting over people we coincidentally meet in clubs and want to 'chips wrap' them home for a 'no strings attached' one night stand...LOL!
Guess what? They find that boring
But since when did SEX and chips funga and drugs, and gossip ever get HIPPY?

I love the way their lips burn to whisper to everyone
About everything....
I love the way they despise their girlfriends in public
and truly let people know just how foolish they are...

Better still,
I love the way they never keep secrets about nothing and everything they do
People like hanging around them...they are true entertainers!!!
They make our nights enchanting as they wallow in their endless problems and dilemma’s they have no clues to
and when they are spreading their wings and flying up high (drunk like skunks), spit IT all out
Leave us with eyes wide open
Their tongues wag impatiently as they cannot wait to move to the next club with other friends and share their little sweet gossip

We are loving to hate them
Because we are not their type...not even close
We are the new friends they found in us! LOLEST!

We'd love to make their lives our business
But for what benefit is it to us? NONE!!

We'd love to teach them a good lesson
That would probably shut them up
But their talk is pretty petty Baby!

We'd love to tell them what we think of 'em' Honey!
They are so naïve and silly
Nothing on earth compares to their wiggy-waggy-saggy (if there is ever a phrase like that) mouth!

If they need help trimming it, we will always be on the ready... ama?
Plus, see this pretty busy women that have no time for your senseless baggage?
They are loving her lives, living to the fullest...making the happiest moments of their lives
So if they do not mind, shun, shun, shun, mentioning their names for all the wrong reasons

They may not know what hit them
Until it hits real hard
and it will be too late to replenish their good old gossipy times!

Verbal diarrhoea is what they suffer from
Please seek medical advice! It's an infectious one eh?

Our Sweet Darling Frenemies...LOL!!!


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