The Performer

The Performer

Audre Lorde

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010



With every step, my heart pounded faster,
A week had gone by, since we met on line,
As I stepped floor, light with neon lights,
I took a deep breath.

There you were, your face
Glittering under the disco lights,
We shook hands, and our hearts leaped with joy,
Time seemed to stand still.

As we excitedly talked about ourselves,
Our dreams and ambitions,
We connected, we understood,
From then on, though not spoken,
Our paths had crossed,
And I knew then on,
I would want to walk with you,
I didn't know what tomorrow would bring,
But I chose to take the walk anyway.

Walk in the sun
My world feels empty without your laughter,
It feels treacherous and cold
Without your tender caressing hands,
Feels like a bad dream,
Without your encouraging words,
Seems like one dark cloud,
Since you walked out.

It is a brunt I have to bear,
The prospects of a ghostly quiet house,
Haunting memories of our love.

K8's O


  1. Hallo K8, Am unmeasurebly inspired by this blog 4 real i didn't know of it until now and this is the only way i can talk to you coz i feel like i already have a friend in you.
    Have been away for 7years and i like women The only problem is that am scared of Kenyan woman to an extent that am even scared of myself and have been single since 2007.there is this lady i like so much but i do not have the courage to even talk to her coz i do not know whether she is straight or a lesbian please advise me on what to do.Much love K8.

  2. Hi Gal,
    Thank you very much for your comment! Thank you for your time too! Go for whatever your heart wants. You deserve to be happy! However, you will also have to make careful calculations so that your 'lady' will not be caught unawares. Lemmi know. You could email me for further queries!
    Guten Tag