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The Performer

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can I go down on my girlfriend while she’s menstruating ?

The answer to this one is "Yes, you can go down on someone while they are menstruating." There are however several conditions that you need to watch out for before engaging in safe sex with your partner during your/her menses. You should only go down if:

- Your girlfriend does not have any blood borne viruses;

- Your girlfriend does not have any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) which would stop you going down on her when she is not bleeding;

- You do not have any blood borne viruses, or if you do, your mouth and gums are intact (remembering that you can have small cuts in your mouth from brushing your teeth or rough food which you may not be aware of);

- You do not have cold sores which could transmit the herpes simplex to your partners genitals; and

- You are both comfortable with this practice.

If you want to reduce contact with blood, you could ask her to wear a tampon. This will ensure that you are still able to go down on her. You could consider having safe sex while she still has her pantie on but this will mainly involve rubbing her right there, which gives pleasure if done well!
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  1. YATCHY YAK!!!!!!!!!!!
    k8ty, Sometimes i feel like you are paid to amaze and amuse people.If u ever do this or if u have, just call me n tell me how it was.@ -72--89-79
    The Tampon thing maybe.
    YAWA K8,si u call a a spade a spade! rub her were?

  2. Yakkkk? I hope you really mean that! I'm not paid to amuse anyone Sha..., I just do my thing which is write. Ha ha you know what the spade (right there) means, huh? Good!

  3. OH God! who am i dealing with here. would i ask what the spade is if i knew?.
    call me once you solve my little soduko puzzle.its as easy as writing Ha Ha Ha!!!
    I don't mean it when i say YAkkk!!!trust me kate, if i love my Mama and i know beyond knowing that she loves me i would go down on her even in the delivery room (you know,will having a baby).
    Am a atypical Cancerian ie was born in june (LIKE YOU LIKE TO SAY JUNIAN)and once i love i love.
    ama not talking about falling in love, which we,human beings can fall in love in the morning and out in the evening .Am talking about real loving...

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  5. Rubbing the clitoris...that is what I referred to as rubbing down there!
    Oops! Forgot to inform you that I stopped doing Sudoku since it does not involve the community I work for..LOL!
    Nkkttt! You're a Cancer? Jesus of New York (NY)!!
    Love is anything but love...very few come in handy. We will keep searching for love till the world comes to an abrupt end!
    For those that found it, well, good for them! Am not depicting negativity fingers are pressing on some pretty laid back keys here....mmhhhhh!

  6. Okay i confess,
    ''For the first time in my life kizungu imenishinda''
    I do not understand whacha saying after 'Nkkttt!'honestly.
    i dont also understand the effect and the feeling i have in my stomach after i read that.Ama feeling kidogo hurtish and kidogo unhappish as much i do not understand what you're saying.
    ever had that feeling k8?

  7. Take some warm water...twill help with the stomachache, huh?
    Don't be unhappy over anything, ok? I have had that over 1 million times...all you need to do is relax, ait?